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Low-Pressure Bagging
Saves time and money.

For the first time, the proven Mueller No-Blo System can be used to bag off low-pressure gas mains. By teaming the Goodman One-Tap Launch Tube with the Mueller® B-101TM Drilling and Tapping Machine, two bags can be inserted, the main vented, plugged, "gassed up", and gas main line pressure continuously monitored-all through one tap hole.

This allows a section of pipe to be isolated through just two tap holes in the main, instead of as many as eight using the conventional method. There's less area to excavate and repave. And with fewer holes to drill and tap, you save time and money because crew time is reduced. Plus, the Mueller, No-Blo method is the environmentally responsible way to bag off, since there's no uncontrolled flow of gas to the atmosphere.

Different sizes of bags for the One-Tap System Launch Tube can plug off 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" lines. The Mueller B-101 machine can be used to drill and tap holes up to 2-1/2", and insert bags in steel, cast iron and ductile iron pipe materials.

The One-Tap System Launch Tube can also be used to bag off low-pressure plastic gas mains with no uncontrolled flow of gas to the atmosphere. The Mueller B-101 machine is not used for this application. Instead, a Drisco High Volume Tapping Tee with a 1-7/8" cutter is fused onto the plastic main. Then a specially adapted brass valve is temporarily threaded onto the Drisco tee. The One-Tap system Launch Tube is then attached to the brass valve in order to insert two bags through a single tee. This method can be used for plastic mains from 4" to 12"

The Easier, Faster Method

One-Tap System Launch Tube

Two Holes are all it takes using the B-101 Machine and One-Tap Attachment

MAXIMUM Gas Bag Inflation and Gas Main Pressure
Gas Main Size
Bag Pressure
Steel/ C.I. Only
Bag Pressure
Plastic Only
Gas Main
4"15 psi10 psi5 psi
6"15 psi10 psi5 psi
8"15 psi10 psi2 psi
10"15 psi10 psi1 psi
12"15 psi10 psi1 psi

Conventional Method

Six holes with separate bags and purge stacks using the conventional way

Where to purchase

The One-Tap System Launch Tube and various sizes of bags are available from Goodman Main Stopper Mfg. Co., Inc., 523 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718-875-5140. The Mueller B-101 machine and accessories needed to drill and tap the launch tube hole in the main and plug it after the bagging operation is completed are available from Authorized Mueller Distributors. Call Mueller Customer Service at 1-800-798-3131 for the location nearest you.

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