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Used Since 1897

The Goodman Stopper The GOODMAN STOPPER was placed on the market in 1897 for use on distribution mains. It has been used in all parts of the United States and in many other countries.

It is made by men well trained in the art of making stoppers; some with more than forty years experience. The best quality materials are used in its construction.

Improvements made from time to time have resulted in easier manipulation. The Z-Handle simply, surely, and quickly places the Stopper in the correct position and the Patented Locking Sleeve locks the Stopper in the pipe and makes the shut-off secure against jarring.

Perfect operation of the Stopper is assured when the directions given are faithfully adhered to.

Look for the name "GOODMAN" on the Locking Sleeve. It is the mark of reliability.

Made in All Sizes 3" to 48"

NOTE: Above stoppers can be reconditioned at the factory, when necessary.


How to use The Goodman Stopper


When you first use the Stopper, practice with an empty pipe that has been swabbed clean.

In order to remove the Stopper from the main, release wing nut on screw-rod and thumb screw on locking sleeve, raise on long handle and make fast; pull the Z handle toward you first, then push the long handle from you, thereby releasing the stopper, which when turned face down, is readily withdrawn by pulling on the Z handle only.

After using, the Stopper should be wiped clean. Before storing, coat the metal parts with oil or tallow. Store in a dry, cool place. Wrap in an air-tight cover.

Kept in Stock in Standard Sizes, 3" to 48"

Special Sizes to order on short notice

Stoppers are made to fit Standard inside diameter of pipe. If you want a Stopper for a special size pipe, we can make it if you give us the inside measurement of the pipe.

Pull SHORT HANDLE only when removing Stopper from the Main

For 3-inch Stopper 1-inch Hole
For 4-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 5-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 6-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 7-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 8-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 9-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 10-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 12-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 14-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 15-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 16-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 18-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 20-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 22-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 24-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 30-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 36-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 42-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 48-inch Stopper 6 -inch Hole

Gas Main Line Pressure must NOT exceed 12 in. W.C.

ALWAYS use two stoppers in series with a vent pipe between them.
See illustration in the catalogue.

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