Product Design

We are problem solvers and consider each new application both unique and challenging. Our technical staff routinely offers suggestions and recommendations regarding design and construction options for each application. We are focused on developing a product that functions best for each client.

Quality Control

Continuous monitoring, from the receipt of raw materials through the various stages of production, testing, and shipping insures that the highest quality standards are always met. Each finished product is individually inspected and tested to guarantee that it meets our rigid standards.

Production Tooling Design

Molding, Hand Fabrication and Radio Frequency Sealing require precise tooling to manufacture a uniform product of high quality. In most cases our extensive collection of in-house tooling can be used to produce prototypes and special designs with little or no modification--eliminating the time and expense of custom tooling. However, if specific tooling is required, CSL will design it and contract its fabrication to one of our expert die makers.

Fast Delivery

In many cases, a new customer's requirements can be met by modifying of one our existing products with our in-house tooling--amazing results occur. Just fax a sketch or blueprint; or send a sample. Our expert staff will promptly quote a price and delivery for your product.

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